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16th November 2016

Diesel Particulate Filters – What’s all the fuss about?

Diesel Particulate Filters “Have car manufacturers pulled another emissions stroke. Or is it a double taxation?” Firstly – I don’t understand what a DPF is – […]
10th January 2016

Your engine thermostat is vital – how to check if its faulty.

The Engine Thermostat is now even more important than ever. Your engine thermostat can fail in a number of ways, stick open, stick closed, or be […]
21st December 2015

DPF Problems are on the rise

DPF Problems are becoming more complex for garages to solve – including main dealers. The cost of a replacement DPF and associated sensors is now comparable […]
15th November 2015

Injector back leak off test can tell more than you’d think.

This is a leak off test our workshop carried out on a XType Jag 2.0 diesel. Normally we are looking for an anomaly in the amounts […]