Clogged EGR Valve

Badly clogged EGR Valuve

The EGR valve is an emissions device to help reduce the harmful gases emitted from your engine. It redirects some exhaust gases back into the engine through the intake manifold. This is all fine when everything is new and clean and working efficiently.

The problem caused by exhaust gases entering the intake system is that they can fowl its’ surfaces and components – and this in our opinion can negate any emission saving. When this system fails, it can cause your vehicle to enter into limp home mode, and turn on the engine management light.

Replacing your EGR valve can be very costly, and without carrying out the dismantling and cleaning required, it is pointless. As an alternative we can go into the software of the engine control unit, and switch off the EGR control  and permanently close the valve.  When this is done it will immediately stop any more deposits building up, but coupled with a clean of the intake system, it will also improve fuel consumption, and lower emissions.

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